2 Great Things That A Coin Grading Service Can Do For You

Posted on: 11 January 2017


A coin grading service can help you out a great deal if you have a coin that you would like to have looked at. They have the knowledge and equipment needed to perform a variety of services for you. This article is going to discuss 2 great things that a coin grading service can do for you. 

Authenticate Your Coin 

If you have a coin that you are currently thinking about selling or that you have recently purchased, you may want to know how much this coin is worth and if it is actually an authentic coin. If you are selling the coin, this can help you to know how much you should potentially sell the coin for. On the other hand, if you have recently purchased the coin, this can help you to know if you paid the right price for the coin. One of the first things that the coin grader is going to do is examine your coin to make sure that it is in fact authentic. They are going to look for certain features on the coins that will only be present if the coin is in fact authentic.

Once they have confirmed that your coin is authentic, they are going to examine the condition that the coin is in. They will look for rust, stains, dirt, chips, smashed areas, or anything other type of damage to the coin. Once they have looked over all of these things, they are then going to be able to give you an exact amount for how much your coin is worth. They will even create a certificate for you that certifies that your coin is in fact worth this much so that you can show proof. 

Encapsulate Your Coin 

A great way to protect and preserve your coin is going to be to encapsulate it. This is another service that a coin grading service can provide for you. The capsule that your coin is placed in is made to fit your coin perfectly. It is generally going to be square in shape, with a circle in the center to fit your coin. It will snap closed, but can be opened when you need to remove your coin. The capsule is also going to be made of clear plastic or glass, so you aren't going to have any problems inspecting any aspect of your coin while it is in the case. 

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